A Business Owner’s Guide to Access Control Systems

person using access control system

Have questions about access control systems for your business? Then you’ve come to the right blog because we have the answers you need. After all, we know safety and security are your top priority. For us, they’re always number one. 

What are Access Control Systems?

These technological marvels manage and restrict the ability of others to enter or exit a specific location. They allow entry into particular rooms, buildings, and areas. They also reduce the risk of unauthorized personnel, or clients, entering areas they shouldn’t access. 

The Guide to Selecting the Right System

Systems are available with a wide variety of features and capabilities. They should function as you need them to and not be intrusive. Below you’ll find questions to consider that will help guide you toward finding the perfect setup. 

  • Can your company manage the system? Before you buy, take a realistic look at your company’s capabilities. If a system’s demands are too much for your operational bandwidth, that’s counterproductive. Select a system that works for you, know who will manage the system internally or externally, and set up a time to cover all access system operational guidelines with team members. 
  • How do you need the system to function? Do you need restricted access points? Want to control traffic flow? Knowing what functions are critical to implement will help you select an effective control system. Once the data is gathered, it’s time to think about remote monitoring, video surveillance, real-time notifications, HR integration, fire detection, and alarms. 
  • Can the system handle your business’s traffic? One size does not fit all. Every company has unique customer and employee traffic patterns. Once you have those needs accounted for, other choices need to be made, like time stamps, user credentials, and who has permission to access the system. 
  • How many areas need monitoring? It’s critical to know where you need access control, whether it be a laboratory or secure storage area. From entry points to badge swipe keypads, this is the stage where you note every location requiring monitoring and what that type of protection or restriction should look like. 
  • What’s the best entry system for your building? Are you considering a biometric system? Employee badges? Keycodes? Different plans offer different levels of security. Your business needs may dictate which plan is perfect for you by simply understanding which accessibility features are ideal for the work environment. 
  • Is the system scalable? If you need to adapt, does your unit allow for that? Inquire if it’s possible to add features or compatible components. When your business grows, you want your system to grow with it. 
  • What happens in an emergency? Companies invest in an access control system to ensure a secure working environment. In emergencies, the last thing you need is more problems. From power outages to life safety, be sure your hardware will work and adapt when it’s critical.
  • Monitoring levels: What does your business need? Besides keeping locations secure, access systems monitor who comes in and out. A centralized control panel may be your technology of choice if you have multiple entry points. Do you prefer badges to be swiped at all doors? That’s possible, too: whatever helps mitigate risk and allows you to focus on what matters most. 
  • What’s the system’s service plan look like? The last thing business owners need is an über complicated system: functionality- or service-wise. That’s why there is no substitution for working with Next Generation Security Concepts. We help with routine updates, upgrades, and maintenance needs.
  • What data backup options are available? Automatic data backups are vital. No one wants their records to disappear. Ask if additional hardware may be necessary to store information and if it will backup automatically. 

Navigating numerous access control systems in the marketplace can feel daunting. The last thing you want is one that doesn’t do the job. Next Generation Security Concepts helps companies select security systems that save time, money, and lives. Trust our Consultation Team to help you find solutions that work for your business. Contact us today!