Intrusion Detection

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Below you will find a partial list of some of our notable partners and products that we regularly provide.

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Resideo Intrusion Detection

PROA7PLUS offers home security with:

  • Smart Technology Control
  • An ‘All-in-One Panel’ Security Control System
  • 7-Inch Touch-Screen
  • Amazon’s Alex Directly Built Into The System
  • Voice Command Control

With Resideo, you will have a system that utilizes video, so you can clearly see what’s happening on your property. Is that a cat or a would-be-thief taking a stroll across your lawn? With Resideo’s PROA7PLUS, and its security video, you will always know what’s sett-off your alarm’s alert. This alarm system service monitors your property 24 hours a day 7 day a week so that your family will always be safe at home. The PROA7PLUS system from Resideo is also extremely versatile working with a variety one-way protocols including Legacy 5800!

We are constantly exploring new products and innovative solutions as they arrive in the marketplace or for specific client needs. If you presently utilize a certain manufacturer, chances are we are familiar with how they work!

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