Home Security Systems

“Why do I need a home security alarm system”?

It’s a valid question – but did you know, according to the FBI, a burglary occurs every 15 seconds?
The days of leaving windows open and doors unlocked are far, far behind, but thankfully you’re not alone.

At NGSC we are here to help.

Our home security systems:

  • Notify the police when an intruder enters your home
  • Residential security systems from NGSC also detect smoke and carbon monoxide, which provides another layer of safety and home security in Washington DC and the surrounding areas in Maryland and Virginia.
  • Another benefit of having an alarm system, aside from safety and security, is it may save you money! When you have an alarm system, many insurance companies will lower your insurance cost.

At Next Generation Security Concepts, we sell a wide variety of quality home security products – from wireless and hardwired systems to security cameras from brands you can trust!

Protect your family, home, and valuables by contacting NGSC with any questions you may have.

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