Crisis Management

Next Generation Security Concepts proudly partners with Sielox Class. Their crisis lockdown alert status system uses existing networks and devices and takes advantage of email and chat alerts to reduce notification time to responders.

Sielox Class is a security solution that’s:

Easily deployed


Provides instant visibility

This dynamic solution also provides:

  • Audit trails after a crisis
  • Real-time events monitoring system
  • Integration with access control
  • Video, intercom, and response plans to expand your response capabilities.

With a flexible solution for crisis management, the Sielox Class Crisis Lockdown Alert Status System extends communication and awareness during critical situations.

man typing on black keyboard

The system also enables awareness of other important emergencies including:

  • Disturbances
  • Missing persons
  • Medical emergencies
  • … and more!

When every second counts and crucial or potential life-saving decisions must be made quickly, real-time information from the systems can be provided to both emergency and any on-site personnel through the use of chat and text messaging, as well as graphical maps.

Sielox Class provides the real-time visibility you need to protect what you value the most.

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