Leave Nothing to Chance: Why Your Business Needs a Life Safety System

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When seconds matter, you need to make sure every occupant and visitor in your building is aware of a crisis and safely evacuated, that the systems you have in place are already taking active measures to mitigate the crisis, and that the proper authorities have been alerted. From retail stores to health care facilities and government buildings, here’s why your business needs a life safety system.

Enhanced Safety for Occupants and Visitors

Life safety systems enhance security for all building occupants, employees, and visitors. From public alert systems to automated notifications and sprinklers, alarms, two-way intercoms, and intrusion detection systems, each piece of the safety puzzle is connected to the next. As a whole, they form a complete plan to protect all persons in and around a building during a crisis.

Stay Compliant

Life safety systems are heavily regulated by many agencies, like OSHA and the National Fire Protection Association. Failure to install appropriate life safety systems will result in violations and fines as well as legal woes including lawsuits for injuries and negligence.

Increased Perception of Safety

Having life safety systems prominently displayed throughout your business shows your clients, customers, and employees that their safety is a priority. Some highly visible features can include fire alarms, sprinkler systems, first aid kits, and intercom systems.

Employee Training

Installing new life safety systems or integrating older systems with newer ones will require employee training. This is the chance to turn every team member into a reliable resource in the event of an emergency. Make sure training covers all aspects of a crisis management plan so everyone understands their responsibility during an emergency.

What Makes An Effective Life Safety System Plan?

Next Generation Security Concepts provides many life safety devices, including

  • Mass Notification Public Address Systems
  • Voice Communication Systems
  • Emergency Communications Units
  • Voice Evacuation Systems
  • Fire Detection
  • Notifications

Let NGSC show you how to be safer, more compliant, and better prepared for a crisis with a free, no-obligation security assessment. Get started today.