The Latest Trends for Upgrading your Home Security Cameras

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Video cameras remain the backbone of residential security systems, but yesterday’s technologies are no match for today’s advancements. If you’re considering upgrading your home security cameras, here are a few trends to watch out for.

Monitoring and Alerting

Many of the latest camera upgrades include the ability to watch the video in a mobile app and immediately notify emergency services from the app itself based on what the camera is seeing. Some manufacturers and installers are offering remote monitoring services for continuous security camera surveillance.

Increased Security of the System Itself

Amid stories of surveillance and security applications being hacked, some manufacturers are incorporating additional cybersecurity upgrades such as two-factor and biometric authentication.

Home Security Cameras Turning to Facial Recognition Software

As home security systems continue to evolve, some camera systems are turning to facial recognition software to improve their efficiency. Improvements in the tech powering these cameras mean a lower risk of false alarms, automation, suspicious event detection and response, and a decrease in response times from emergency services.

Expanded Tech and Capabilities for Security Cameras

Today’s surveillance cameras include features such as video management systems, AI, HD CCTV, night vision, and video analytics. Upgraded software means real-time notifications, cloud-based backups, on-demand recording features, and more.

An Increased Focus on Integrations

Each component of a security system should work together. Advanced integrations are allowing more compatibility between each part of the system, meaning video cameras are designed to work with various access control systems, software, and security platforms. This allows the system to be streamlined and easily managed from one point, like a mobile app.

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