How To Choose The Best Alarm Monitoring Company For Wireless Home Security Systems

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What makes one alarm monitoring system better than the next? There are a lot of alarm monitoring companies, and each claims to be the best, the fastest, and the most secure. Whether you are installing a new system or updating an existing one, here is how to choose the best alarm monitoring company for your wireless home system.

Research, Research, Research!

Just like a horrible meal or a lousy vacation, people will take to the internet to talk about bad experiences far more than they will about good ones. This means that when researching, make sure to not only include “best,” but also “worst” alarm monitoring companies.

Yelp, Facebook, and even the Better Business Bureau will give you the answers you need, too. Don’t hesitate to call or contact any referrals listed on the company website, and most importantly, ask your friends and neighbors what company they use and if they are satisfied.

Experience Matters

Who doesn’t love trying out a new restaurant or movie theater? Sometimes new is good.

When you’re dealing with your home and family’s safety, however, experience matters. A lot. Look for companies who have been around for several years or more, or who have team members who bring a lot of experience to the company.

It’s More than Fire, Medical, and Home Protection

Alarm monitoring companies for wireless home security systems are evolving to include more technologies and deeper levels of protection. With these new solutions, features work together and trigger other systems to enhance your safety and streamline your notifications. 

The alarm monitoring company should also be adaptable enough to work with your existing system while providing the enhanced security features you rely on.

The Details Count

Make sure you understand what companies cover (and more importantly, don’t cover) in their security plans. Packages should be transparent, including capabilities, procedures, notifications, and total costs. 

Take Advantage of Free Demos

Most companies will offer free on-site inspections to make sure they recommend the most appropriate services and equipment or to ensure that their services will work with your equipment. 

If you’re looking to switch alarm monitoring companies for your wireless home security system, make sure to supply the model number, product name, and make of your existing system and supply it to the technicians before they come to your home.

You can find your alarm’s specifications on the system control panel.

Next Generation Security Concepts Secures More than Your Home or Business

While most alarm monitoring companies provide basic security for your home, family, or business, NGSC provides cutting-edge security solutions that include:

  • Access Control Systems
  • Security Cameras
  • Crisis Management
  • Intrusion Detection
  • License Plate Recognition
  • Server Protection
  • Honeywell Total Connect

Contact an NGSC professional today for flexible security solutions to fit your lifestyle, and your budget.