Home Security Trends To Watch For in 2021

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Your home is your haven. It’s important to feel comfortable and safe while you’re there, and confident that it is being protected when you’re not. Improvements in technology, including Artificial Intelligence (AI), continue to help the home security industry provide increasingly more effective tools to keep you and your home safe and sound. Keep your eye on these home security trends that are predicted to gain ground in 2021:

Better Video Security

The quality and versatility of video cameras has increased exponentially over the past several years. Video surveillance cameras now include facial recognition, intelligent tracking, and people-counting software. With the assistance of AI, video surveillance cameras will be able to use their analysis of suspicious activity recorded in the past to make decisions and take action against activity taking place in real time by either alerting the security company, locking people in or out, or sounding alarms.

Data Security Improvements

Any device that operates on a wireless network is vulnerable to cyber-attacks and hacking, including wireless home security systems. In 2021 and beyond, the security industry will be working hard to reduce the number of breaches related to home security systems. These companies are implementing new features to improve cyber security standards such as cloud storage and encrypted networks to better safeguard their customers’ privacy.

Remote Arming

Forgetting to arm the security system when you leave the house has always been a common issue. The advent of smart technology enables users to arm their home security systems from their smartphones. Using the system’s on-site video surveillance cameras to ensure that no household members are at home, the user can set up and arm the system at their convenience.

Smart Voice Control

Recent years have seen a vast improvement in voice controls, such as Alexa, Siri, and Google Home. As this feature improves even more in 2021, users will have even more control over the aspects of their home security system through voice commands—like locking and unlocking the door, arming and disarming the security panel, turning lights on or off, and activating humidity controls.

Smart Locks

Smart locks give users better control over when, where, how, and to whom they open their doors. Digital “keys” can be shared with family, friends, and trusted people who visit your home regularly and can be used anywhere. Doesn’t “no more key under the welcome mat” make you feel safer already?

Greener Home Security

Security systems of the past have used a lot of electricity—resulting in not only high cost to the consumer but a deleterious effect on the planet. 2021 will see more individuals begin to invest in security systems that consume less energy and are more eco-friendly, including those that are battery powered or rely on solar energy. Solar powered options in particular will provide reliable, sustainable energy independence at a significantly lower cost over time.

WiFi 6 Improvements

WiFi 6 refers to next level WiFi that moves at a greater speed and accommodates the connection of up to nine devices versus the five that a normal WiFi network supports. WiFi 6 is able to improve your device’s battery life and security, but tends to support newer models of devices.

DIY Home Security

Instead of signing up for a traditional multi-year contract with a coverage based subscription fee, do-it-yourself (DIY) home security will allow the user to choose when and how to want to monitor their home. Sign up on an optional basis and cancel services you know longer need or are no longer using at any time. It’s important for those inclined to go this route to determine which DIY home security system they prefer and select a monitoring service that fits their needs.

All businesses would do well to monitor and implement the technological changes with the power to improve their performance and lower their costs, but the security industry is especially sensitive to emerging trends. New features are always being introduced to address clients’ needs more thoroughly and efficiently. It’s important to watch the trends that are coming to the forefront in 2021 so that you can take advantage of the advancements that will have the greatest impact on your comfort, confidence and safety.