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“What good is a costly and complex security camera system if employees cannot manage day-to-day operations with ease?”

Next Generation Security considers this question first and foremost! By providing the solution to a question many other integrators may fail to even ask, we constantly prove our company’s value by delivering manageable solutions and knowledge.

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Higher intelligence, user-friendly management interfaces, ever-expanding applications, and HD CCTV resolutions, along with declining costs are the issues today when considering a video surveillance solution. Keeping these issues in mind, NGSC specializes in security camera systems solutions for businesses in the mid-Atlantic region, including Maryland, Virginia, Washington, DC, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and beyond.

In an industry predicated on leading-edge technology, video surveillance is security’s top dog and is the industry’s leader when it comes to product innovation. Combine that with proven, reliable success in security and operational applications as well as reasonable price points and exponential growth, and you have  an upside that’s off the charts. It is no wonder why video has been such a dominant phenomenon over this past decade.

Video surveillance (CCTV) has improved over time with the information revolution born out of the 1970’s. Analog or tube based imaging cameras have been replaced in favor of silicon chips. These CCD charge-coupled devices have mirrored the information technology revolution in their continued improvement. Specifically designed CCD devices can be manufactured to take advantage of specific ranges of light detection and environments. This unique ability has driven their application to the imaging and video surveillance markets. Since the CCD chips can be linked easily to the processing power of digital technology, their integration with our digital world was only natural.

All of this has led to a revolution in the ability to manage surveillance over our networks and store vast amounts of video image data. Video data can now be indexed and searched as well as trigger events and notify personnel on a mass scale. It can even be viewed on the latest internet enabled smart phones… in real-time!

vicon-security-camerasExciting technologies such as megapixel cameras, HD CCTV, video management systems, video analytics, night vision and more are bringing a new standard to the security industry. Emerging technologies are shaping the manner in which large-scale facilities, institutions and public/private security measures are addressed and delivered.

Camera technologies are widespread in the market place today and selecting the right product for durability and peak performance is key to our knowledge base. Our experience and know-how of a vast array of features allows us to select the best fit to provide our customers the highest level of performance.

For complete security, more than just video surveillance must be taken into consideration. Factors such as integration to a site’s existing access control, ID management and intrusion detection systems should all be taken into account. The integration of these different systems under a manageable and user-friendly umbrella make the difference between an unmanageable security system to an efficient and easy-to-use security management system.


Recently, we added Dallmeier‘s lines of box, dome, PTZ, and Panomera® cameras.panomera

Digital Watchdog

NGSC is proud to have a full lineup of IP network camera systems from Digital Watchdog’s MEGAPix Series. Models include vandal, indoor, box and PTZ surveillance cameras. In addition to cameras, NGSC also carries products from DW such as video encoders, E-racks, cubes, and more.


Combining the ease of use of exacqVision VMS software with the essential features necessary for low-cost video surveillance, exacqVision Start VMS software is ideal for stand-alone installations of 30 cameras or less. The complete, supported list of IP cameras can be used with an easy auto-scan to detect and configure. Live views, saved views, exacqRecall instant playback, video search, POS/ATM search, configuration, are all included.


If you are looking to secure your site from theft, vandalism, and unauthorized access, Geutebruck security camera systems are an excellent choice. Through the system’s video surveillance analysis, intruders can quickly be detected and activity at driveways and entrances can be documented. Geutebruck surveillance cameras can also interface with other subsystems, such as access control – providing yet another layer of security. Graphical site maps also help to provide a total view of all occurrences as alarms are processed centrally, whether via remote access or in the object. Recently, we added Geutebruck‘s lines of cameras, encoders, recorders, encoders, video & and security, management, and analysis packages.


As an industry leader, Vicon® Industries is known for its high quality video surveillance systems and components. Used worldwide in high-profile, enterprise-scale installations by a wide array of customers, including governments, private and public institutions, Fortune 500 companies, and global commerce hubs, Vicon systems are a trusted solution on a global scale.

IQinVision, a subsidiary of Vicon Industries, is known for its IQeye line of HD megapixel IP cameras. Much like Vicon, IQinVision is known as a world leader for image quality and reliability – even in the harshest environments. Backed by the best warranty program in the surveillance industry, IQeye cameras (PSIA and ONVIF compliant) can be integrated with all leading network video recorders. IQinVision cameras can be found across the globe in critical infrastructure, banking, commercial/industrial, city surveillance, healthcare, education, retail, gaming, transportation and government/law enforcement applications.

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