Six Home Security Trends to Watch in 2019

smart home security

Everyone wants to feel secure in their home. While there might not be a perfect home security solution which will solve every problem, there are steps you can take to make your home a more secure place to live. Thanks to the recent technological developments that have taken place in this space, there are now more home security options available than ever before. Below, you will find six trends worth watching as we move into 2019.

Outsmart the Criminals

One plan that modern criminals have put into use to avoid detection is to smash the central control panel of a home security system shortly after entering the home. The goal here is to prevent the control panel from communicating with the monitoring station. Fortunately, there are now advanced home security systems available which will inform the monitoring office of trouble, even if the panel is smashed.

Constant Monitoring

Monitoring your security system doesn’t do much good if it comes and goes. You don’t know when a crime may occur, so 24-hour monitoring is important. Along with that, it is also crucial to have a battery-supported system, so you can remain secure in case of a power outage.

Total Integration

If you have updated your home to include some of the latest ‘smart home’ features, you’ll be happy to know that security systems are more and more capable of integrating with smart home technology. By bringing the two together, you can save time and more easily manage everything going on with your house, around the clock. When designed and installed properly, you can be left with a system that is easily managed through the use of your smartphone.

Two-Way Communication

Nobody wants to send a false alarm, as you will be embarrassed when police or other responders show up and you don’t actually have an emergency. Also, you may be charged by your local government if this is a recurring problem. With two-way communication, you can talk directly to the monitoring personnel to confirm whether or not you need help. Rather than having to locate your cell phone to make a call, you can use the control panel of your system to pass on the necessary message.

Prevalence of Video

Video camera systems are both more affordable and more effective than ever before. With the ability to take high quality video, motion triggered cameras are helping homeowners across the country record criminals in the act. Not only will having video of the crime help the police have something to work with, but the simple presence of video cameras on site may be enough to cause criminals to pick another target.

Geographical Boundaries

Assuming you carry your smartphone with you most of the time, it is possible to allow your security system to track your location and arm your system as necessary. For instance, you can just leave for work in the morning – with your phone in your pocket – and the security system will know you have left, arming the system as a result. This is a great way to automate your system to take a task off your plate while still securing the property.