Home Security Trends for 2022

person holding phone with smart lock home security

Staying up to date with trends in home security can be challenging. With all the new products, start-ups, and tech-wizardry gadgets people want to get their hands on, it can be hard to sort through what has longevity and is simply the latest fad. NGSC Home Security sorts through what the future holds in safety to meet our client’s needs. Here is an in-depth look at home security trends in 2022 compiled by the pros at NGSC.

AI-Powered Home Security

Noted as the number one home security trend in 2022, artificial intelligence has lent itself to helping businesses function seamlessly, and the security industry is no exception. Systems that utilize and are monitored by AI help reduce response times and false alarms reported. It also automates alerting the homeowner, monitoring company, and first responders: giving you the assurance that help is on the way.

Although not always perfect, AI improvements lead to better working security equipment, devices, and sensors. You’ll continue to see advances in machine learning, facial recognition, detecting suspicious events, and auditing door entries and exits.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) outlines the foundation of home security functions and how systems work. IoT is the network of devices, sensors, and other pieces that work together to bring the design to life. 

IoT is all about integration and pairing smart devices to work in sync. It collects information, deciphers it, then sends it to the monitoring hub. Checking who is at your front door, allowing someone entry when you are not home, and reaching first responders at the touch of a button all happen quickly and efficiently thanks to these cross-platform devices communicating through IoT. 

Smarter Security

Security product manufacturers are improving and increasing the number of devices coming to market. Video doorbells are creating a crisper picture and better sound technology. Smart locks and keyless entry systems make people question why they should ever worry about losing keys again. Yet these systems offer more enhancements, like smart lights and outlets, garage door openers, fire detection, carbon monoxide level monitoring, and syncing with biometric devices.

Predictive Analytics

As home security systems evolve, data analytics will too. Advanced video analytics software means more accurate video monitoring and collection, such as: 

  • CCTV cameras read license plates more accurately
  • Counting people in a gathering
  • Facial recognition
  • Sensing and spotting suspicious and hazardous activities
  • Triggering alarms
  • Closing access to specific areas instantly
  • Notifying customers and their security center about issues without delay

Continued Automation

The more intelligent the home, the larger the demand for improving the way security functions in top form. Automation is one of those conveniences that homeowners want too. Doors locking and unlocking on command, alerts that a window is open, changing security modes depending on whether you’re out for the evening or on vacation: these are the functions clients are looking for to add an extra layer of safety and comfort to their lives. 

Remote Access

Peeking in on your golden retriever while at work. Checking the thermostat. Making sure the front door is locked behind you. Remote-control access is a must. Checking video footage and ensuring sensors are working correctly. These remote access features give everyone peace of mind when off-property. Those capabilities will continue expanding as tech improves. 

Cloud-Based Security

Cloud-based services are on the rise. Not only can they store longer video files for an increased amount of time, but it also allows clients remote access to log into their systems. Keeping these systems password protected is critical, so be sure to utilize uncommonly used codes. 

In today’s world, feeling safe has never been more critical. Next Generation Security Concepts knows our customers trust us to deliver security they can count on. We specialize in installing security and access control systems, and provide intrusion detection and alarm monitoring. Mid-Atlantic region: there is no substitute for qualified installers and decades of experience. Contact us, and let’s discuss your free security assessment today!