Why Do Senior Living Facilities Need Security Systems?

secure senior building

Senior living facilities are incredibly complex operations. In many ways, they are like small cities, with facilities for dining, sleeping, recreation, and more. Of course, the safety and comfort of the residents and their guests is always a top concern, which is why a proper senior living facility security system is a must-have on these kinds of properties. When implemented correctly, a security system can bring a layer of safety to the equation which would simply not be possible any other way.

The Basics

At a basic level, a good security system is going to do the same thing for a senior living facility that it will do for any other building. For instance, there will be fire alarms built into the system, as well as carbon monoxide detectors, burglar alarms, surveillance cameras, and more. Should a fire break out somewhere in the building, all occupants need to be alerted as quickly as possible, as seniors may not be able to get out as fast as younger people. No matter what kind of emergency is at hand, instant notification is the first step in achieving a positive outcome.

Access Control is Essential

In addition to the basic functions, the access control which can be built in to a security system is a vital part of the senior living puzzle. While residents need to be able to access most of the parts of the facility, they can’t be allowed to go everywhere. Access limitations may be for the safety of the residents themselves, or it may be for privacy issues. Either way, a comprehensive access control plan can help to keep everyone safer and more comfortable.

The use of card or fob readers at entry points is a great starting point for keeping everyone where they should be. The technology used in these modern access control systems means you don’t have to worry about keys anymore. Even if a card is lost, it can simply be taken out of the system and it will no longer provide access to the building. This is a far more elegant solution than the old method of replacing locks when keys went missing.

Compliance with the Law

There shouldn’t be much doubt in your mind as to the importance of a security system on the premises of a senior living facility. However, as another reason to add a system, it should be noted that security is usually required by law in most areas. To run a legal business which will pass inspections and stay licensed, it is likely that you will need an up-to-date security plan.

The point of a senior living facility is to provide seniors with a comfortable place to live where they can have easy access to everything they need. One of the things they need most at this later stage of life is security, and a modern security system can give them just that. Add a quality security system to any senior living facility and it will instantly become a better place to call home.