Top 5 Advantages of Access Control Systems

key card

As you already know, technology is changing – and advancing – at an incredible rate. Things that simply weren’t possible even just a few years ago are commonplace today. This advance of technology has spread quickly in the world of security, and access controls are a great example of these developments. Whether you are trying to protect a residential or commercial property, using access control offers numerous benefits with almost no drawbacks to consider.

There are a number of different access control systems on the market today, including those that function with key codes, voice readers, cards, fingerprints, and more. If you are thinking about employing an access control system on one of your properties, consider the following five advantages.

Keycard and scanner
Keycard and scanner

You Won’t Lose Your Keys
Without a physical key to lose, you will have one less thing to keep track of during your day-to-day life. It is all to easy to lose your keys, even if you are paying attention and have them attached to a ring. All it takes is one absent-minded moment of leaving them behind and you will have a big problem on your hands. You can pick an access system that suits your personality and needs best and then rely on that system to gain entry rather than a physical key.

Customizable System
This is a particular advantage for commercial users. If you own a business and you need to grant access to that business for all of your employees, you can customize the system to only let them in and out on an individualized basis. For instance, you could give certain employees the permission to enter the business at any time of day, while others would be limited to business hours. Likewise, you can control the movement of your staff by limiting access to specific parts of the building to those with the proper credentials.

Harder to Duplicate
If someone with bad intentions gains possession of a physical key, it will only take a couple of dollars and a quick trip to the hardware store for them to duplicate that key. In just a few minutes, they can have a copy of the key that will unlock doors that you need to be secure. At the very least, this will mean that you have to reinstall locks on your doors – or you may suffer a burglary before you have the chance. This won’t be a concern with an access control system. Even if a key is stolen or a pass code is reveled, you can quickly change the codes and cancel any cards that may have disappeared.

Monitoring System

Logging Activity
This is a huge advantage when it comes to controlling your building. Not only will you have a record of each time the doors have been opened and closed, you will also know who it was that was passing through the doors (or at least, whose key/code was being used). If there is an issue with theft in your business, for instance, you can follow the trail of access to the various parts of the building in order to unravel the mystery.

Remote Access
Not currently at home but need to let someone in? That would be impossible with a traditional lock, but it is quick and easy with an access control system. Simply grant them access from wherever you are and the problem will be solved. Of course, as soon as they are done and have left, you can return your settings to normal so the individual will not have repeat access (unless you wish to grant it to them). Remote access to your system is one of the features that you are likely to fall in love with soon after installing an access control system.