Alarms Alone Aren’t Enough: The Importance of Business Alarm Monitoring


Your alarms are only as good as the monitoring services you have in place. Being remotely alerted about a fire in your building, for example, is meaningless unless the alarm also alerts the fire services to respond. What is business alarm monitoring, and why is it so important?

Business Alarm Monitoring

Alarm monitoring is 24/7/365 surveillance of your security systems so that trained professionals can alert authorities as soon as an alarm of any kind is triggered. These services are an added layer of efficiency to your alarm systems.

It’s not just protecting your assets when the building is empty; business alarm monitoring includes life safety, fire, silent alarms, and real-time duress alerts. One example of these types of alerts is a bank teller that presses a button under the desk to alert authorities that there is a robbery in progress. A silent alarm will notify authorities without alerting the bad guys that help is on the way.

Technology in remote business alarm monitoring has improved, and most options are surprisingly affordable.

What is the Importance of Monitoring?

There are many reasons it’s important to monitor your alarms, including:

24 Hour a Day Protection

Monitoring means there is someone watching over your building, regardless of occupancy. In case of any events, trained professionals will dispatch the appropriate response teams and notify the building manager or business owner.

Access Control

Monitoring allows you to have far greater control over who is accessing the building, allows you to block individuals (such as former employees) from gaining entry, and even allows more control over what parts of the building your customers, visitors, and employees can access.

Protect Your Employees

Protecting employees is vital; all workers want to feel that they are safe on the job. Monitoring ensures this, regardless of what time of the day (or night) they are in the building. One of the most important reasons to monitor business alarms is peace of mind, not just for your employees and customers, but for the business owner and building manager.

Continuous Productivity

Theft or fire emergencies are not just an immediate hit to a business owner’s wallet; they can also continue to hurt your bottom line by causing downtime and decreasing productivity. Monitoring helps to stop loss and mitigates the fall-out following an event.

Lowered Insurance Premiums

Many insurance companies require more than just an alarm; they require a complete security system that includes monitoring services. You may find your business can qualify for lower premiums when you partner with an alarm monitoring service.

Secure Assets Against Internal and External Threats

Did you know that 95% of businesses have experienced theft by their employees? In fact, three out of four employees confessed to theft at their workplaces, with losses amounting to $50 billion. Business alarm monitoring will deter this.

Bring Your Business Alarm Monitoring into the Next Generation

Next Generation Security Concepts features alarm and perimeter security systems that can be connected to a monitoring station for real-time response to an event. We can add our remote business alarm monitoring services to an approved UL Listed Modern Monitoring Service, or use an alarm system that you already have.

Real-time monitoring means real-time alerts to fire, police, and building managers. Remote monitoring can be configured to trigger other events and alarms such as video recording and perimeter locking.

Advanced. Secure. Surprisingly affordable. Let Next Generation Security Concepts show you the importance of business alarm monitoring with a free, no obligation security assessment.