Server Protection

Next Generation Security Concepts is pleased to introduce RACK ARMOR™ data center server protection from IDenticard®. This is a revolutionary, physical security system that protects your assets and gives you the information you need.  Here are some of the many benefits RACK ARMOR™ server security can provide:


Rack Action

This function screen provides instant verification of the security status for both the front and back doors of each cabinet.

Dynamic Mapping

This provides a graphic display of your system so you can instantly visualize the security status of your server racks across multiple locations.

Door Actions

These allow you to instantly lock, unlock, or lock-out cabinet doors through the software.

Video Integration

Store video logs of cabinet access, server rack actions, and user keystrokes from multiple camera views.

Alarm Notifications

Configure the system in many different ways to notify an operator when abnormal events happen, including notifications such as alarm acknowledgements, video call-up, emails, local audio, and indicator icons.

Vastly different from the traditional “one key fits all” model that is widely used in data center security, RACK ARMOR™ server protection tracks individual users and provides an audit trail of user activities. Its unique graphic interface makes it easy to see at a glance whether your server racks are secured or vulnerable. Here is more information about how RACK ARMOR™ separates itself from traditional server security:

Audit Reporting

  • Identify who accessed a specific rack
  • With ease, track the amount of time someone had the rack door open
  • Easily schedule usage reports that are automatically emailed to a predetermined address


  • As your needs grow, add readers to more server racks
  • Protect both the front and back of your server rack
  • Adaptable to left- or right-swinging doors


  • Restrict access to server racks based on need
  • Through an easy-to-use graphic display, be confident that your racks are securely closed, locked and swing handle engaged
  • Automatically cause actions such as notification emails, alarms, and video call-up if doors or swing handles are left unsecure
  • Maintain a video log of rack access based on specific events (must have integrated with video management system)

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