License Plate Recognition

Next Generation Security Concepts is pleased to carry License Plate Recognition (LPR) software from PlateSmart, a leader in the security software space. Because PlateSmart is owned by Cyclops Technologies, Inc., CTI does not have to pay licensing fees – which means a more affordable software package for our public and private customers!

PlateSmart gives organizations the power and flexibility by offering real-time information that is hardware compatible. The software can be used in static and mobile situations, as well as stand-alone situations and portable roadside systems.

Here are some of the many benefits of PlateSmart LPR software:

Identify Vehicles in Crimes – bank robberies, drive-by shootings, Amber and Silver Alerts

license plate recognitionInstant Vehicle Information – no need for officers to type or radio to dispatch

Windows Compatible – non-intrusive to other software systems

Use Existing Hardware – PlateSmart is software-only, so you can use your existing hardware and cameras

Recover Stolen Vehicles – identify and recover faster than ever

Integrates With Databases – Local or state BOLO databases checked in real-time

Reduce Costs – as an affordable system, PlateSmart is a fraction of the cost of other LPR systems

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