Security Camera Placement for Business: The Best Places

security cameras on building

Nearly every kind of business can benefit from the use of security cameras. You don’t want people stealing things from your business, obviously, and you probably don’t even want unauthorized people hanging around on the property. With quality security cameras in use, you can put up a better fight against crime.

But where should those cameras be placed? We’ll take a closer look below.

In and Out

This is probably the obvious one, and you may not need us to even explain it – you will want to use the security cameras for your business to cover the entrances and exits to the building. Anywhere people are going to be coming and going should be monitored by a camera, as this is how criminals would gain access if they were to try and get in after hours. It’s simple enough to get started with this task, as you just need to make a map of your building and mark off all the doors that will need to be covered by a camera.

Where the Work is Done

It’s easy to think about security cameras as being used only for monitoring criminal activity, but that’s actually just a portion of what they can provide. If you have a large office full of workers that you need to monitor to make sure they are on task and being productive, cameras can be useful for this purpose as well. Even if you don’t feel like you need to monitor your team at all times, having a camera cover the working areas will provide you with important evidence should any disputes come up during the course of business. For instance, if one employee is accusing another of inappropriate behavior, the security camera recordings may offer helpful insight into the situation.

Restricted Access Areas

Are there parts of your location where only certain people or allowed to be? If you need to make sure that some of your sensitive information is being properly protected, you can use cameras to monitor activity in particular rooms or storage areas. Of course, cameras alone might not be sufficient, so access controls are a good addition to work along with cameras in order to achieve the desired outcome.

Places to Hide

Another important area to use security cameras is anywhere that is otherwise out of sight for most employees. This could be a back alley behind the business, or perhaps your loading docks which are likely positioned out of view of the main street. Naturally, criminals are going to gravitate toward areas where they are less likely to be spotted, so covering these kinds of areas with cameras will be a big help.

A Custom Solution

While the points of emphasis above are a good start for your security camera needs, every business is different. Take some time to think about the workings of your location and make a plan that covers all of the important spots, both inside and out. It will take a bit of time to get things set properly, but you’ll be glad you did the work when you have the video coverage you need to secure your location.