Retail Security Checklist For A Post-Pandemic World

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Retail Security Checklist

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, chances are you’ve been working toward owning your own business for most of your career. When that vision comes to fruition, it’s a heady feeling—at least until your list of “to-dos” starts to get out of control.

If it turns out you have to rank the items on that list in order of importance, make sure safeguarding your assets with the right security systems comes in near the top. Already have a security system? Just looking for an upgrade? Either way, we have this great retail security checklist to help you make your business more secure:

  1. Install a business security system. If your first thought is “I can’t afford that!” you’re not thinking about it right. Having a business security system that sets off an alarm at the first sign of a break-in isn’t an expense; it’s an investment. Losing inventory and paying your insurance deductible will likely prove more expensive than investing in a business security system.
  2. If the exterior of your building is dark or poorly lit, would-be criminals will deem it an easy mark. Just increasing the amount of lighting you have around the outside of your business will illuminate the area enough to discourage burglars.
  3. Outdoor motion lights that detect and illuminate when somebody walks within a certain distance can be an excellent deterrent for criminal activity.
  4. Just staying alert, aware, and tuned-in to your surroundings is also very important. Anyone who appears to be loitering outside for no apparent reason, or inside without purchasing anything, shouldn’t be left unattended.
  5. Because you can’t stay on site all the time, create a security checklist and safety protocol for your employees to follow in your absence. Talk to your staff regularly about these policies and procedures to be sure that everyone is making security a priority every day.
  6. Shut the curtains and lower the blinds. Allowing thieves to see inside your place of business after you’re closed for the day can likely prove enticing to unscrupulous people.
  7. Turn out inside lights. It’s an easy and cheap measure—in fact, it will start saving you money immediately while keeping your interior safer and less inviting to thieves.
  8. Install a button that silently notifies the police in the event of a break-in. These “panic buttons” work just like you see them on TV or in the movies—and they can get the authorities to your place of business in a matter of minutes.
  9. Cameras that capture an image of everyone who enters your place of business provide an extra level of security. Keep products out of the cameras’ lines of sight to reduce blind spots and obtain the clearest images.
  10. Use outdoor perimeter cameras to monitor for any potential criminals who might be casing your business, looking for an opportune time to gain unauthorized entry.

The Number One tip to protect your business is to select the right commercial security system and keep it in optimal working order. Observe Tips 2–10 of our retail security checklist to lower your risk even further. You’ve worked hard to get where you are—keep your investment safe by making your business security system a top priority!