NextGen ExacqVision Partners

Next Generation recently added the exacqVision versatile IP Video surveillance Solutions to our solution base of integrated solutions for seamless Video IP Management and highly user-friendly software and hardware solutions.

Next Generation Security and exacq Integration allow for seamless upgrade and integration to IP Camera Solution management while maintaining and including existing Analog systems. Next Generation clients are always interested in discovering seamless and low-cost upgrade solutions, and we are exited to have such a powerful solution in our arsenal of technological migration tools.

Combining the ease of use of exacqVision VMS software with the essential features necessary for low-cost video surveillance, exacqVision Start VMS software is ideal for stand-alone installations of 30 cameras or less. The complete supported list of IP cameras can be used with an easy auto-scan to detect and configure. Live views, saved views, exacqRecall instant playback, video search, POS/ATM search, configuration, all included. Windows, Linux or Mac.

In addition to the exacqVision Start client, the web viewer is included, as are the exacq Mobile iPhone, iPad and Android apps. ExacqVision Start is available on the entire EL-Series of embedded Linux appliance servers, or can be installed on third-party servers.

The exacqVision product line was certified by Lenel for integration with the latest OnGuard version 6.4.500, as well as with the earlier version 6.3.249. This is in addition to previous certifications we had for older versions of OnGuard.

This integration provides an easy-to-use and versatile access control/video surveillance combination. The exacqVision server software can reside either on the existing Lenel OnGuard servers or on stand-alone exacqVision servers.  Once installed, OnGuard is able to connect to all exacqVision servers and cameras on the network. exacqVision video sources are treated like any other video source within the OnGuard platform, enabling full functionality for mapping, alarm monitoring, and alarm assessment.

The full functionality of the exacqVision server and client software is also available. In addition to adding video sources within OnGuard, full use is available of the exacqVision software, with as many users connected via the exacqVision client and mobile device clients as desired. The two systems can run simultaneously and you get the full benefits of both platforms.

If you are interested in finding a solution to integrating the IP Video Surveillance, while saving cost by including utilization of your existing  Analog solutions please call our Consultation Team today at 703-574-6254.