License Plate Recognition Growing In Use | Ocean City, MD

A group of various security cameras attached to a pole

Within the next few months the last loophole that allows cars into Ocean City, MD without reading their license plates will be closed as a new reader will be installed at the north end of town. A grant of about $125,000 from the Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention will pay for the project. Recently, the Ocean City Police Department closed a lane of the Route 90 bridge to install a second scanner.

With all of the license plate recognition in place, every plate entering Ocean City via Route 50 and Route 90 will be scanned. The information that is gathered will be checked against a database for potential violations. If a violation is found, a picture of the vehicle will be taken which will be intended to aid officers.

License plate scanning equipment recently helped located a stolen vehicle on Route 50. The LPR technology also made national headlines when it assisted with the Vester Flanagan shooting case in Virginia.