Predicting the Top Five Home Security Trends for 2022

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It’s hard to believe, but 2021 is already drawing to a close with 2022 right around the corner. At Next Generation Security Concepts, we predict some interesting home security trends for 2022.

Here are 5 of the biggest trends we think will play out next year.

1. AI Integration to Better Inform Emergency Services

Home security systems rely heavily on cameras and smart devices for notifications and monitoring, but an area that is showing a steadily evolving trend is in the notification procedures themselves. AI is becoming an increasingly trusted platform to screen and filter potential threats, and notify the proper authorities. By increasing reliance on AI, significant progress will be made to ensure the threat is addressed by the proper authorities, and help decrease false alarms. 

2. Automation Remains a Top Residential Security Trend

While the current security system market has seen great strides in automation, 2022 will be the year of touch-free access control systems that will rely on smart devices to monitor, log, and grant or deny access to homes. This exciting trend will see the end of misplaced house keys, and even allow authorized visitors entry to the home, whether the homeowner is there or not.

3. Occupancy Sensors will Detect Intruders

An occupancy sensor is a monitoring system that adjusts settings in the home when it detects the presence of an authorized person, or when they sense no one is in the home. It’s predicted that as this technology continues to evolve, occupancy sensors will be able to detect each individual who is authorized to be in the home based on patterns of movements and other criteria. Once this technology is perfected, it will be able to detect unauthorized people in your home and be used as another way to detect intruders.

4. Increased Integration of Security Systems with Other Smart Systems

Homeowners are looking for streamlined services that interact with other smart home devices. Throughout 2022, a heavier focus will be placed on connecting and integrating all smart home technology with home security systems for an easier user experience. 

5. Focus on Video Surveillance Will Continue

No matter the technologies that will evolve throughout 2022, a heavy focus will still be on video surveillance and monitoring. Increasing the quality and availability of video surveillance will be at the top of many homeowners’ minds as they choose a home security system.

Next Generation Security Concepts also predicts great strides in voice recognition, greener monitoring solutions, and increased wireless data security protections. 

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