Home Security Camera Placement: Considerations & Positioning

security cameras on building

It’s a great idea to order a home security camera or two in order to improve the security of your property. But where should you place those cameras? Unless you happen to work in the security field, you might struggle to figure out exactly where they should be placed. In this article, we are going to discuss the basics of home security camera placement. In the end, you’ll see that this is a relatively simple task, and you should have little trouble picking out logical spots around your house.

Cover the Access Points

This one really comes down to common sense. When you are positioning your cameras around your home, you’ll naturally want to point them in the direction of spots where criminals could gain access to the house. So, namely, that means doors and windows. Perhaps surprisingly, many burglars wind up coming in right through the front door, so you’ll want to put that location at the top of your list. Also, if you have any doors that are obscured from view, those are smart places to locate a camera, as well. Along with the front door, you’ll also want to cover the back door, any accessible windows, and a side door that accesses the garage (if you have one).

Consider the Size of Your Property

Each home security project is unique, in that the number of cameras and the layout of those cameras will change from house to house. You can’t really base your plan entirely on what someone else has done, as your property has its own characteristics that need to be considered. Take some time to think about the layout of both your house and the surrounding property in order to craft a logical plan.

A New Perspective

This exercise might be a bit challenging, but it is a good way to think about your home security needs. It goes like this – if you were a criminal looking to break into your home, where would you go? Stand out by the street and imagine you were just walking by, thinking about trying to get in and steal some items. Are there any obvious spots you would head first? Are there any spots you would avoid? Remember, criminals want to avoid detection above all else, so they don’t like light and they don’t want to be seen from the street.

Once you have thought about your home from this perspective, it might be surprisingly easy to design your home security camera plan. You will want to cover any spots that seem like they would be attractive to a potential burglar. Simply the presence of the cameras alone might be enough to deter the criminal, and if it isn’t the video you record could help capture them after the crime.

Using home security cameras is a great idea, but it is only going to pay off if they are positioned correctly. Take some time at the start of this project to get it right so you can avoid going back later and making corrections.