Four Home Security Trends for the Coming Months

security system accessed by phone

As you know, technology moves fast these days. What was just the latest and greatest thing to hit the market can be outdated in short order. That is true within the world of home security systems just as it is any other market that leverages technology to a great extent. To make sure you are always up on what is possible with regard to home security, tracking the trends carefully is a good idea.

This post is going to walk through four of the home security trends to track in the coming months.

#1 – Integrated Systems

No longer are security systems destined to remain on their own, serving the one important function of protecting the home. Now, it is possible to integrate home security with a range of smart home features such as thermostat controls, lighting controls, entertainment systems, and much more. Blending security and automation is a great way to add value for the customer while still delivering the key goal of providing reliable security services.

#2 – Living in a Mobile World

More and more, security systems are operated out of apps rather than wall-mounted interfaces. Homeowners are using their phones nearly constantly anyway, so it only makes sense to be able to manage the home security system through a mobile device rather than a stationary keypad. Often, a blend of app-based control with traditional home security keypads is the right combination for the homeowner.

#3 – Adding Video

As technology continues to advance, it becomes more and more viable to use video within a security system. Cameras are not nearly as expensive as they once were and transmitting large video files is easy thanks to the high-speed internet access that most homeowners have available. A home security system with video can be far more useful than one with simple motion sensors, so it is nearly certain that this trend will move forward.

#4 – Considering Child Safety

In addition to the traditional ways in which home security systems can be beneficial, they can also help manage your life when you have children in the home. For instance, if your children are old enough to be left alone at home – but you still want the ability to check on them from time to time – a security camera that you can access via an app is a perfect solution. Also, you can use the app-based environment do to things like arm the alarm system after your child leaves for school, or disarm it before he or she gets home.