Does Your Company Need a Crisis Lockdown Alert Status System?

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Prompt response is one of the biggest keys to the successful mitigation of an emergency situation. No matter what kind of emergency is at hand, getting out information as quickly and effectively as possible is always the goal. When those inside or around your building can get word of an emergency situation in just a moment’s notice, they will be able to take appropriate action to hopefully get to a safe location immediately. With that in mind, using a crisis lockdown alert status system just may be the right choice for your business.

Instant Alerts

There is no time to waste in an emergency, and a good crisis lockdown alert status system will pass along critical information in an instant. Once someone has notified the system of an emergency, the notice will go out to all devices that have been connected to the system. Those devices can include smart phones, tablets, computers, and more. With the warning sent, individuals will be able to view the information that has come across the system so they can take the necessary action. If details of the emergency are known at the time, that information can be shared through the system as well. In the end, such a system will allow all within your company to be informed as soon as possible of the active emergency situation that is taking place.

Information for Emergency Responders

In addition to the information that is provided to on-site personnel, a crisis lockdown system can also inform emergency responders as to the issue that is at hand. Whether it is police or fire crews that are responding, this information can go a long way toward mitigating the threat as quickly as possible. Maps of the premises, chat capabilities, and more are all available for use through the system interface, ensuring that the authorities have all of the relevant information they need to take appropriate action.

Color-Coded Simplicity

Using color-coding is a great way to quickly deliver an important message, and that is exactly what you will find with a crisis lockdown system. By color coding the alerts, individuals can see in just a glance whether or not the current situation is something that demands their attention. Not all emergencies are created equal, and you certainly don’t want to send a panic through your company for something that is only a minor issue. Thanks to the use of a color-coding system, it will be easy for each individual user to decide whether or not an alert is something that concerns them at the moment.

A crisis lockdown alert status system is something that you hope you never have to use – but you will be glad it is in place when it does have to be put into action. Taking the time to install this system throughout your company will give your employees peace of mind in knowing that they will get prompt and clear communication should an emergency situation arise. It only takes a short period of time to train staff on the use of this kind of system, and the benefits of taking that time can truly be life saving.