Common Sense Tips to Help Prevent Home Burglary

thief in home

Every homeowner would like to take steps to reduce the chances of a burglary. Unfortunately, it can be hard to know where to start. What steps are going to actually help secure your home, and which steps are simply a waste of time and money? With the content below, we are going to highlight some of the keys to reducing your odds of becoming a burglary victim.

Lock Up!

Okay – so this first tip isn’t exactly groundbreaking, but it is important. If you simply lock up around your home – that includes doors and windows – you will be a big step closer to security. Of course, a standard door or window lock is not a perfect solution, as an experienced burglar may still be able to get through, but you are going to make the job more difficult. Burglars generally want easy targets where they can complete the job as quickly as possible. Make it harder by always locking up, and they just may move on.

Lighting Around the House

Burglars would much rather work under the cover of darkness, when at all possible. Take away that option by adding quality lighting near the entry points around your house. If a burglar is going to have to stand under a bright light for several minutes while working to open a lock, they are going to get quite uncomfortable with the situation.

Consider Your Sliding Door

If you have a glass sliding door that provides access to a deck or patio, you’ll want to pay special attention to this point of entry. It isn’t particularly attractive to smash such a door – that will make quite a loud noise – but such doors can sometimes be forced open with a little effort. However, if you place something in the track of the door, like a piece of wood or another sturdy object, sliding the door open may not be an option.

Own a Dog

You may not want to get a dog simply for this purpose, but if you are thinking of getting a dog anyway, the security benefits are a nice bonus. If a burglar is poking around the outside of your home, the dog may pick up on the noise and start barking. Again, burglars hate attention, and a barking dog is not the kind of quiet working environment they are looking for. Also, they won’t know the nature of the dog, so they might think twice about coming through the door and confronting an agitated animal.

Much of what you can do in terms of home security relates to being smart and using some common sense. You can’t guarantee that you will never have your home burglarized, but you can make life a lot more difficult for the thief. With some basic measures in place, your home won’t be inviting as a target. Fortunately, most of the steps you can take are both simple and affordable.