State-of-the-Art Commercial Security Systems: Of Biometrics & More

office building and clear skies overhead

“Installing state-of-the-art commercial security systems” is to business resolutions what “losing weight and saving more money” are to personal ones: well-intentioned, annual goals that somehow get lost in the shuffle as the year goes on.

Early indications for 2020, however, are that that’s about to change. In light of a study that recently found that professionally installed security solutions reduce burglaries and other unauthorized entry by as much as 67%, many unprotected commercial properties are getting serious about joining the one out of seven businesses that currently have a professional security system.

So what exactly are business owners going to be looking to incorporate into their commercial security solutions in the coming year? Here’s what’s trending in 2020:

Biometrics that use an individual’s physical characteristics to verify their identity is one of the fasting growing features in modern security systems. Having an access control point that reads fingerprints or irises is accurate and convenient. Key cards can be lost or stolen, but the physical characteristics that biometrics are based on don’t change and are always accessible.

Audio-Based Intrusion Detection will become more prominent in commercial security solutions this year. Those who have had losses due to robberies and other unauthorized entries by intruders who were experienced enough to identify and avoid security cameras understand firsthand what value an audio detection system. Integrating features that detect the sounds of an intruder will become indispensable in the state-of-the-art commercial security system.

Automation, already common in business security solutions, will become even more prevalent in 2020’s state-of-the-art systems. Remote access is the beginning of automated systems, but robotic security options will take this feature even further. 2020 may not see the functionality of this feature come to fruition, but we expect it to gain a foothold and begin taking a bigger share of the industry’s research and development.

As with everything based on technology, commercial property and business security solutions evolve fast. When it’s time to create or update your security system in northern Virginia, Maryland, or DC, call Next Generation Security Concepts to find out how we can make the latest technological advantages in protection work for you.