Government Security Systems

virginia-governmentThe government buildings in our area provide us, the people, with having a successful and prosperous quality of life. Government agencies support many services that need security to help the progress if that service advance and expand. A handful of the services that are provided are:Courthouse Leesburg VA

  • Health Services
  • Family Services
  • Parks & Recreation Services
  • Animal Services
  • Public Schools
  • Law Enforcement & Public Safety

Through our security solutions, Next Generation Security Concepts uses state of the art technology to keep our government buildings safe and secure. Access control is used to monitor who is allowed into the buildings and when doors can be opened and closed by certain people. Our intrusion detection technology can be implemented to alert the proper authorities if someone was to break into the property, or, if there were either a smoke or gas leak. Lastly, video surveillance in government buildings can record who enters and leaves the property.

If you have any other questions about our government security services, please contact us with your questions!

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