Building Security Tips for Small Businesses

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If you are a small business owner in or around Virginia, Maryland or Washington, DC, you have a lot on your plate. You have to worry about attracting customers, managing employees, covering expenses, and much more. Unfortunately, it is necessary to add building security to your list of concerns. Small businesses are frequently the target of property crimes, meaning you should spend some quality time thinking about how your facility can be secured to the greatest extent possible.

A Starting Point

When the work day is over, you will need a way to secure the building until employees return again in the morning. There are two main options for this task – you can either install a business security system or hire security guards. With security guards, you will obviously have someone physically on-site during non-business hours, keeping an eye on the building. With a security system, you won’t have a physical presence, but you will be able to receive notification if any unauthorized activity is taking place.

So, which is the right option for your business? The first consideration is cost. If you can afford to use a security staff to monitor the premises, this is going to be the most effective method. A common burglar who is trying to quickly steal some items will probably not want to risk encountering a security guard who can call the police immediately. With that said, it is expensive to pay for on-site security personnel. Depending on the size of the property, and the number of hours you need to cover, the cost of this option simply may not be feasible for your company.

With that said, installing a security system is relatively affordable. Even a system which includes 24-hour monitoring will not take a huge bite out of your budget, and it is the next best thing to having actual security guards on the property. If you do decide to have a security system and CCTV cameras installed, it is smart to work with a professional in the industry who can design the system in such a way that it protects as much of the property as possible.

Protecting Employees

Not only do you want to protect the physical belongings of the business, but you also need to provide your employees with a safe work environment. For example, if some of your employees frequently work late into the night, leaving the office and walking to their car could be dangerous. Consider making it a practice to have at least two people stay late together, meaning they can walk through the parking lot with one another. Also, make sure the parking lot is well-lit, and reduce or eliminate potential hiding places for criminals.

It may take a little bit of time, and some financial investment, to create a secure environment around your business. It is worth the effort, however, as you want to protect both the valuable equipment and inventory of your business, as well as the employees. When in doubt, work with professionals in the industry who can offer tips on the best practices for securing a small business.