The Benefits of IP Video Surveillance Systems

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Video surveillance systems can be highly valuable in a variety of settings. While it used to be true that setting up and running video surveillance would be costly and challenging, technological advances have changed that story. These days, getting up and running with a quality video surveillance system is relatively simple, and the costs are no longer prohibitive.

In this article, we would like to take a moment to touch on some of the many benefits of opting for an IP video surveillance system.

A Great View

One of the biggest selling points for an IP camera system is simply the high-resolution offered by these kinds of cameras. You’ll get a much better look at everything in the camera’s field of vision as compared to using an analog camera. For instance, if you need to identify a person who is in the footage, you should have a much easier time doing so thanks to the quality of the image returned by an IP camera. Surveillance footage is limited in its utility if you can’t actually make out what is happening on the screen, so having great resolution should be a top priority.

Cost Savings in the End

If you were to only compare the cost of an IP camera with the cost of an analog camera, you might be led to believe that the analog camera was going to be the more affordable choice. And, to be sure, the analog camera itself is likely to carry a lower price tag than the IP option. However, such an analysis would be missing the bigger picture. You need to also consider the other various costs associated with setting up the system.

For one thing, you’ll usually be able to cover more space with a single IP camera than an analog camera, meaning you will need fewer cameras in total to maintain proper surveillance over your property. Also, there is more equipment required to establish your surveillance system when you go the analog route. By the time everything is added up, it’s very much possible that the analog option will be costlier, and you won’t have the high-resolution images that come with IP.

Integrated Analytics

You don’t have time to sit and watch your surveillance cameras, and it is expensive to pay someone to do that job. Fortunately, with an IP system, you don’t have to worry about it. You can set up your system to automatically record when movement is detected somewhere in the camera’s vision, meaning you’ll never miss out on seeing something, even if you don’t spot it in real time. Also, you can design your system to send alerts directly to your mobile device when a potential problem arises, allowing you to act quickly and hopefully rectify the situation.

There is a lot to like about a quality IP video surveillance system, and very little to point out in the way of drawbacks. Once your system is in place, it should work smoothly in the background, requiring little of you and providing the footage you need, when you need it.