The Advantages of Life, Fire & Security Integration

fire safety system

If you own or manage a business which occupies one or more buildings, you know just how difficult it can be to monitor those buildings properly around the clock. There are a number of concerns that you need to protect against, including fire, criminal trespass, violent attacks, and much more. In order to protect against many of these threats, most businesses retain the services of a variety of security providers. For instance, a business may have a monitoring company watching for fire, while another provides a security detail, and on and on. Unfortunately, when so many different services providers are involved, the management of the overall security plan can become quite challenging.

To avoid making a mess of your security functions, consider integrating all of your security needs into a single solution. When you work with just one vendor for all of your various security matters, you can simplify the process and reap a number of benefits, included those listed below.

Cost Savings

Of course, you should always be looking for ways to lower your overall costs, and integrating services is one way to do just that. Nearly every security provider in business will offer you a better rate for carrying more than one of their services, so ask about pricing when you consider adding fire alarm and safety, security, and more all onto the same plan. As you know, it can quickly get rather expensive to have your building or buildings monitored around the clock, so any kind of savings you can find will be much appreciated.


For your own purposes, the simplicity of having just one provider for all of your building security needs is a great benefit. You don’t want to have to deal with three or more different providers when having to manage your building, as the time you spend working on these matters could be spent more effectively somewhere else.

Tighten Up Your IT

If you have a variety of companies involved in your building security, that means you are going to have more than one business which has to integrate with your IT in order to provide its services. Not only is that another hassle that you don’t want to deal with, it is also a potential hole in your cyber security plan. You want to allow as few people as possible into your IT ‘world’, so limit your security outsourcing to a single business and you will be more secure moving forward.

There is no excuse in the modern world for having a building that is not secured around the clock. Security services are more advanced and more affordable than ever before, meaning they are within the reach of nearly every business and every budget. Think through the security needs that are specific to your business and then contract with a company that is able to provide everything you need in one convenient, affordable bundle.