7 Business Security Mistakes You Can Avoid

access control monitoring

Security in business is certainly important, both to save money that could be lost as a result of crime, as also to protect the outlook of your operation over the long run. Unfortunately, those in business may not necessarily be experts in security, and they may not take the time to consult with an expert to get it right. In the end, mistakes are often made, and those errors can be quite costly. Let’s take a moment to review seven common business security mistakes that you should aim to avoid.

#1 – Failing to Secure the Computers

These days, businesses need to worry just as much about digital crimes as they do physical crimes. With that in mind, one of the important pieces of your security plan is determining how you will secure access to the computers that help your business run. Obviously, having passwords required to log on to any computer is a good start, but your IT department can go even farther to keep things locked up tight.

#2 – Skipping Access Controls

Access controls are systems used at the entry and exit points of your business to make sure only authorized people are able to move around the property. It’s important to remember that no one should be exempted from using access controls – even if they are a prominent member of the business.

#3 – Ignoring the Value of Cameras

Placing security cameras in strategic locations around your property will go a long way toward discouraging criminal activity. The good news is that modern security cameras are relatively affordable, easy to install, and even easier to use. For a modest investment, you can add a valuable layer of security to your business.

#4 – No Monitoring in Place

You can be in all places at all times, and you do need at least some time to be away from the business for your personal life. With that in mind, working with a monitoring company that can keep watch over your property 24/7 is a great way to secure your business and free up your own time, as well. Monitoring is rather affordable and can easily be integrated with your security system to tightly control what happens at your business each day.

#5 – Forgetting About Windows

You probably pay close attention to who comes and goes through your doors, but what about the windows? Depending on your security plan, it might be possible for a criminal to gain access to the building by breaking a window that is not within sight of a camera. There are various options to monitor the status of your windows so this doesn’t happen.

#6 – No Training

It’s important to train your employees on security protocols. This training doesn’t need to be intensive or time-consuming – it should just be enough to explain why security is important, how it is handled at your business, and what steps should be taken if an employee has security concerns.

#7 – Not Educating Yourself

Finally, as a business owner or manager, you should be well-versed on how everything works from a security perspective in your company. Take some time periodically to make sure you are up-to-date and know who to contact when you need assistance.