7 Common Home Security Mistakes You Can Avoid

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Home security is an important topic for any homeowner, yet there are plenty of common mistakes made time after time. If you are thinking about improving your home security plan, you’d be wise to avoid the seven common mistakes we have listed below.

#1 – Leaving Windows Unlocked

It’s pretty easy to make this mistake, especially in the warm summer months when you may be opening and closing your windows frequently. Unfortunately, if you leave your windows unlocked – even if they are closed – you will be providing a criminal with an easy path inside. It only takes a moment to lock your window after you close it and doing so will go a long way toward preventing a burglary.

#2 – Leaving Your Doors Unlocked

While it might be easy to forget about your windows, this one is a little harder to forgive. You should already be in the habit of locking your doors, and if you are not, try to develop this habit right away. Even if you feel like you live in a safe area, there is no reason not to lock up.

#3 – Make Your Absence Obvious

The best-case scenario for a burglar is to find a home that is not currently occupied. A combination of no alarm and no homeowner present means the burglar will have plenty of time to do their work. Even leaving an upstairs light on, or putting a light on a timer, may be enough to discourage criminal activity.

#4 – Make Your Alarm System Known

If you do have an alarm system in place, don’t keep it a secret – make it obvious that the property is being protected by an alarm. Even something as simple as placing a sign out in your yard will make a potential burglar think twice about targeting your home. After all, if the police are going to be called automatically as soon as the alarm is triggered, there won’t be much time to work before needing to flee.

#5 – Providing Equipment

For those who frequently work around their homes, it’s easy to leave tools out in the open from time to time. Not only is it possible that those tools will be stolen, it’s also possible that your tools will be used to gain access to the house. Something like a hammer or screwdriver could come in handy for a would-be thief who is just walking by.

#6 – Don’t Show Off Your Things

Do you have a room full of valuable electronics? Or maybe some expensive artwork or other items that would be easy to resell for a profit? Do your best to keep things out of sight from the street, maybe by doing something as simple as closing the blinds or curtains. A burglar may be more willing to take a risk when they know something worthwhile is on the other side.

#7 – Offering Cover

Burglars don’t want to be seen. Take a look at the landscaping around your home to determine whether or not it is offering criminals the cover they need to work in private. Things like large hedges might offer you a bit of privacy, but they also help criminals avoid detection.