Using the 5 Ds To Keep Your Building Secure Over Weekends & Holiday Breaks

commercial building at dusk

Summer means long days in the sun and several vacations and three day weekends for your employees and tenants. Unfortunately, it also means extra opportunities for bad guys to take advantage of extended absences. How do you keep your security systems up to the task of deterring intruders when no one is around? Read on for the 5 Ds of building security.

1. Deter

In the world of security, deterring potential bad actors starts outside with signage and highly visible security cameras. These are supplemented by motion sensor lights and, whenever possible, gates or fencing.

Many break-ins are committed by someone who has accessed the property in some way and seen things of value that could be easily grabbed. You can help deter theft by securing computers to desks, installing locks on all equipment storage and filing cabinets, and maintaining a visitor log of people entering the building at all times.

2. Detect

Surveillance equipment should be positioned across all access points of your property. The security cameras, if placed properly, will offer a full view of everyone who is entering the building and not just awkward angles that will make identification harder.

Remember, your surveillance is only as good as the monitoring services that back it up. An off-site 24 hour monitoring service is a great solution for detecting unwelcome after-hour visitors. Some monitoring companies, like Next Generation Security Concepts, offer real-time monitoring along with mobile phone notifications, live streaming video, surveillance and event recording, and perimeter locking services. 

3. Delay

Burglars are looking for properties that can be breached easily, with lots of time for a clean getaway. If an intruder sees that a building’s security will be nearly impossible to bypass quickly, they will most likely pass your property up in favor of one that is easier to breach.

Deterrents such as secure gates and access control systems at entrances will discourage those looking for a quick and easy job.

4. Deny

Denying easy access to unauthorized individuals is done with the use of access control systems. The best way to protect your property is by touchless or mobile access controls such as PremiSys Mobile

If your property uses key cards, encourage your employees to report all lost or stolen key cards immediately.

5. Defend

It’s not enough to know when there is a potential problem at your building; you must also defend your property from those threats. This means having access to protection when you need it, not just from intruders but from other hazards such as fire.

It’s important that notifications to fire and police happen simultaneously with alerts.

Layers of Security: The Key to Protecting Your Buildings After Hours

The 5 Ds are individual layers, each important in its own way but most effective when part of an overall security strategy. Whether you’re concerned about securing the building for an extended time away, or just weekends and after hours, they will give you the peace of mind of knowing you are defended.

Ready to find out what the 5 Ds may look like for you? Contact Next Generation Security Concepts for our complete line of solutions, engineered to meet today’s tough security problems. Get your free, no obligation security assessment today.