5 of the Best Places to Install Home Security Cameras

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Thanks to tremendous advances in technology, home security cameras are easier to use than ever before. They have become more affordable, they have a long list of features, and some can be installed on DIY-basis. With that said, you still need to have a plan in mind if you are going to get the best possible performance out of your security camera system. This article is going to highlight five of the best places to install security cameras around your home.

The Front Door

Okay – we admit this is a bit of an obvious choice. However, we have to start here, as it is the first spot on the property that you’ll want to cover with a camera. If a burglar is going to attempt to enter your home, it’s quite likely that the front door will be the first place they try. Of course, if the camera is right next to the door, it will be easy for the criminal to disable it in some way. So, be sure to place it high enough so it is out of reach or protect it in some other way.

The Back Door

Again, an obvious choice, but necessary nonetheless. If you are going to invest in security cameras, you’ll want to cover the back door, as it is going to be a secondary choice if the front door doesn’t allow the burglar to get in. In many cases, the back door is more attractive for a criminal because it can’t be seen as easily from the street.

Basement Access

If you have a basement, and that basement has some kind of access from the outside, you’ll want to monitor this spot with a camera, as well. You don’t want to make it easy for an intruder to get into your home undetected, no matter what part of the home they are trying to access.

The Backyard

It’s important to remember that a thief doesn’t necessarily need to get into your home in order to commit a crime. If there are things left out in your backyard which have value – perhaps a lawn mower, or some children’s toys – the burglar may decide to simply walk off with those instead of trying to get inside. Motion-sensor lights are a great place to start with regard to backyard security, along with a quality camera.


Finally, while you might not see your windows as an obvious way to get into your house, a burglar thinks differently. Specifically, those windows which are out of view from the street will be attractive, since it will be harder for passers-by to spot the activity. If you can cover your ground-level windows with security cameras, you may be able to deter a burglar from attempting this method of entry into your property.

Home security cameras might not be a fool-proof option – there are no fool-proof options – but they can go a long way toward encouraging a would-be criminal to move along. No burglar wants to be caught on camera in the middle of committing a crime. Good luck with your new security system!