5 Best Home Security Tips for the Summer Months

exterior of a brown residential home with a home security camera system

Ah, it’s almost summertime. Get ready for pool parties, lemonade stands, vacations, and burglaries. We know—one of these things is not like the others. While most people equate summer to carefree fun in the sun, it’s also the time of year in which the most burglaries occur. Windows are left open frequently, and many people are spending time away from their homes—whether it’s for a trip to the park or a family vacation. That’s why it’s important to install a home security camera system before planning the fun stuff. But there are plenty of other steps you can take to maximize security in your home during the season of sun.

Secure Doors and Windows

This is one of the simplest and most effective ways to deter burglars from your home. Believe it or not, most of them prefer to leave no trace, so it’s in their best interest to enter without breaking. If they encounter a house that has locked doors and windows, they’re likely to move on to an easier target.

Of course, some locks just aren’t as good as others; we’ve all seen the credit card trick for opening simple door knob locks. That’s why more heavy-duty hardware is recommended.

  • Deadbolts and Security Bars: Deadbolts offer a great added layer of security in addition to standard locks, and for those of you who struggle with the bolder criminals, security bars will keep someone out even if they’re willing to break a window.
  • Window Sensors and Smart Locks: Sensors will alert you if a window is opened when it shouldn’t be, and smart locks allow you to control the locks from anywhere (even 5 hours into your drive to the beach)!
  • Security Rods for Sliding Doors: These ones are simple but very effective, and they don’t even have a locking mechanism! They simply get in the door’s way and prevent it from opening.

Use a Smart Home Security Camera System and Other Devices

Some burglars will use whatever technology they can to gain entry into a victim’s home, and you should use it to keep them out. The ability to monitor and control various aspects of your home even when you’re not there is a game changer.

A home security camera system is an essential part of keeping your family and valuables safe. When it has smart technology included, you’ll have the upper hand over any would-be burglars. Be sure to select devices that offer high-resolution video. And don’t forget the video doorbell! This will allow you to see anyone approaching your home, and you’ll be able to warn them away with communication capabilities.

Another great way to utilize smart tech is by programming your lights. Remember in Home Alone when the crafty kid uses life-sized human cutouts to make it look like a lot of people were there? This is the same idea, but implemented in a much more practical way. Programming lights to turn on and off at set times gives the illusion that someone is home, which is enough to deter a large number of bad actors.

Maintain Landscaping

This is one not many people think of, but there are plenty of ways to use landscaping to your advantage when it comes to home security! To start, a well-kept property will make someone think twice about burglarizing the place. After all, good upkeep could mean a robust security system. But there are other ways you can get really crafty with your “natural security.”

  • Keep Bushes and Trees Trimmed: The bigger the plant, the better the hiding spot. Keep this in mind when planning your landscaping, and be sure to keep the larger flora trimmed to minimize opportunities for unwelcome guests.
  • Use Noisy Surfaces Near Windows: Staying quiet is a crucial part of remaining undetected. When there’s noisy gravel under every window, that becomes much more difficult to do.
  • Utilize Thorny Bushes: In addition to gravel, a prickly plant near entrances could prove to be a real thorn in the side of any would-be burglar.

And here’s a bonus tip: Stick a sign in your yard that warns of a home security camera system. That’s enough to deter a large portion of people who are up to no good.

Secure Valuables

Say someone does gain entry to your home. You still have the power to prevent them from stealing your valuables. Here’s how you can minimize your losses in the event of a successful break-in:

  • Use a Safe: A high-quality safe can protect important documents like birth certificates, wills, and more. They can also keep jewelry and sentimental things out of the wrong hands. Even if the burglar knows where the safe is, they stand little chance of getting into it.
  • Hide Valuables: You know your house better than the intruder. Make use of the hidden nooks and other unassuming places to keep valuable items out of an intruder’s hands.
  • Make Your Valuables Unique: Do you have a favorite piece of jewelry? A custom engraving will make it much harder to sell and easier to track down if it’s stolen. 

Inform Trusted Neighbors

It pays to have good neighbors! Having someone who can keep an eye on your property (even from afar) can be one of the best security measures—and it’s probably free! Assuming you share your contact information with them, they’ll be able to let you know of any suspicious activity while you’re away on vacation or even at work for the day. And speaking of vacation, mail and other packages piling up while you’re away might as well be an invitation for burglars. Having a trusted neighbor collect them while you’re gone will give the appearance that someone is home.

Stay Safe

Keeping burglars out is always crucial, but even more so in the summer months. By following these home security tips, you can keep burglars away from your home and valuables. If you need a little help setting up a home security camera system, we encourage you to reach out to Next Generation Security Concepts. We have the qualifications and experience to maximize your security and keep unwelcome visitors away!