10 Factors to Consider When Researching LPR Cameras

LPR scan

It would be easy to assume that all license plate recognition cameras are more or less the same. That assumption would be a mistake, however, so it is worth educating yourself a bit before you make a buying decision. To make the right choice for your needs on this purchase, you don’t necessarily need to be an expert on the topic, but you do need to have a general understanding of the options on the market today.

Format Matters

You’ll need to make sure that you are picking a camera which offers an output format that is compatible with the LPR software you will be using. There are plenty of formats available on the market today, so it’s just a matter of searching until you find the right option.

How Much Can You Spend?

Obviously, this is an important piece of the puzzle for any shopping process. If you don’t have a sufficient budget for this purchase, you’ll need to take a new look at what you can accomplish with the funds you do have available. Often, it will be necessary to spend more than $1,000 to buy a true LPR camera.

Frame Rate

It stands to reason that frame rate is going to be closely correlated to the speed of the vehicles in question. If the camera is going to be used in an area where vehicles are traveling slowly, the frame rate can be much lower than a camera used on a faster road.

Integration Options

Your camera is not going to do you much good as a standalone unit. To be effective, it needs to integrate with the software that you have selected for this project. Pick the software option that is going to provide you with all the features necessary to accomplish your goals.

Installation Location

It’s important to know exactly where this camera is going to be situated in reference to the license plates that it is trying to capture. The specs of the camera will need to match up with what you will be expecting it to do, as capturing license plates from farther away is more difficult than a close-up position.

Lighting Conditions

No matter what kind of camera you are discussing, lighting is always going to be an issue. Some cameras have advanced lighting settings, such as the ability to compensate for the presence of headlights.

Maintenance Requirements

Depending on the location of the camera and other factors, you may or may not be willing to select a model that is going to require regular, ongoing maintenance.

Think About the Weather

Is the camera going to live in a place with mild weather conditions, or will it have to stand up to a harsh environment? This factor should also play a role in your selection.

How Many Lanes?

You should find information on how many lanes a particular camera is capable of monitoring within the specs for each model.

Fight Back Against Vandals

Damage by vandals to your camera can be expensive. If installed in an area where vandalism is likely, a camera model that is designed to stand up to abuse is desirable.

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