Life Safety

Next Generation Security Inc. provides various life safety devices including:

  • Mass Notification Public Address Systems
  • Voice Communication Systems
  • Emergency Communications Units
  • Voice Evacuation Systems
  • Fire Detection

emergency call box

Next Generation Security Concepts integrates various life safety systems into the overall security management solutions that we supply, install and maintain. A dynamic integration of all systems including fire, security, access control, surveillance, emergency response, intrusion detection, and mass notification are required for a system to operate in unison.

Highly visible systems can make a statement to a site’s patrons and employees that security and life safety measures are a high priority. Panic buttons, intrusion alarms and CCTV surveillance systems by themselves cannot offer complete emergency incident management alone. Provisions for life safety are frequently required by law and building codes for publicly accessed spaces. Any overall emergency plan should always consider integration of at least some of these life safety and emergency management systems in their overall security solution.

One key component to addressing life safety and response is the interactive voice capability found within a few of our product offerings. Without the support of a two-way conversation between security personnel and employees or patrons, the security staff may be placed in the position of making difficult judgments about an event without the benefit of further knowledge that can be obtained using these two-way communication devices. Potentially life-saving systems such as the ones provided by NGSC insure that whether a security, fire, or medical emergency occurs, a managed plan of determined action will be followed and allow the incident to be handled in an efficient and informed manner.

Typical organizations that may require Life Safety integrated into their overall plan include:

public address speaker

  • Courthouses
  • Jails / Prisons / Detention Centers
  • Banking Institutions
  • Retail Stores
  • Government Buildings
  • Customer Service Offices
  • High Security Facilities
  • Restaurants & Bars

Next Generation carries many different product lines that can be integrated with one another to provide our customers with seamless security and emergency management solutions. We are ready to work with you on improving your current systems as well as help you design a brand new security and emergency management system which can incorporate some of these life safety components.

If you have question or would like to speak with someone regarding Life Safety Systems information, please contact us directly.

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