Alarm Monitoring Service

NGSC’s alarm and perimeter security systems can be connected to an alarm monitoring station for 24 hour response. Next Generation Security Concepts can tie any system to our approved UL Listed Modern Monitoring Services, or we can utilize a system that is already in place. Remote monitoring provides the vital link between your intruder alarm and the emergency authorities 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Trained staff then take appropriate action such as contacting the police, key holder or the fire service. As technology has improved, the options available for remote monitoring have improved (while cost has decreased) and we can manage those services for you as well.

Additionally, the life safety, silent alarm and duress services of a monitoring service are crucial to some applications and procedures of a fully capable security management system. These notifications can also be tied directly to your on-site security management system and can be used to trigger other events. Video recording, perimeter locking and mobile phone notifications can be triggered as well as a live video stream to your smart phone (iPhone/BlackBerry/Android device) when a perimeter alarm is tripped.

A good example of some of the notifications that can me integrated using our exacqVision solution can be seen below. The video shows a demo of the new exacq Mobile 3.

The full functionality of the exacqVision server and client software is also available. In addition to adding video sources within OnGuard, full use is available of the exacqVision software, with as many users connected via the exacqVision client and mobile device clients as desired. The two systems can run simultaneously and you get the full benefits of both platforms.

If you are interested in finding a solution to integrating IP Video Surveillance, while saving cost by including utilization of your existing Analog solutions please call our Consultation Team today at 540-338-8160!

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