State-of-the-Art Commercial Security Systems: Of Biometrics & More

“Installing state-of-the-art commercial security systems” is to business resolutions what “losing weight and saving more money” are to personal ones: well-intentioned, annual goals that somehow get lost in the shuffle as the year goes on. Early indications for 2020, however,

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Connected Home Security Systems: What’s Trending in 2020?

There was a time that deadbolt locks were the gold standard in home security. With the rise of digital technology, that’s just not the case anymore. According to market research, connected home security systems will be impacted by four major

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Hospital Security Cameras: Saving Time, Money, & Lives

Providing quality care has always been the main goal of any healthcare facility. In this new age of customer service, however, ensuring a positive patient and family experience comes in a close second. With hundreds of patients, legions of employees,

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Home Security Camera Placement: Common Mistakes & How to Fix Them

It would be a shame to invest in home security cameras only to place them in the wrong spot and not wind up getting the expected performance from those cameras. Fortunately, figuring out where to place your cameras is not

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Security Camera Placement for Business: The Best Places

Nearly every kind of business can benefit from the use of security cameras. You don’t want people stealing things from your business, obviously, and you probably don’t even want unauthorized people hanging around on the property. With quality security cameras

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Home Security Camera Placement: Considerations & Positioning

It’s a great idea to order a home security camera or two in order to improve the security of your property. But where should you place those cameras? Unless you happen to work in the security field, you might struggle

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NGSC’s 2019 Charity Golf Tournament in Round Hill, VA

Round Hill, VA — Next Generation Security Concepts Inc. (NGSC), a full-service systems integrator for wide-ranging physical security solutions, announced its 3rd Annual Charity Golf Tournament benefitting the Round Hill Volunteer Fire Department. The 2019 golf tournament will be held

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7 Common Home Security Mistakes You Can Avoid

Home security is an important topic for any homeowner, yet there are plenty of common mistakes made time after time. If you are thinking about improving your home security plan, you’d be wise to avoid the seven common mistakes we

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10 Great Reasons to Invest in a Home Security System

Do you have a home security system installed and in-use on your Virginia or DC metro area property? If not, now might be the time to think about making this addition. Modern security solutions are both affordable and easy to

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7 Business Security Mistakes You Can Avoid

Security in business is certainly important, both to save money that could be lost as a result of crime, as also to protect the outlook of your operation over the long run. Unfortunately, those in business may not necessarily be

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