Five Reasons Why a Company Needs a Security System

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Why are business owners ignoring the safety and security of their physical spaces? It may be a result of having a “won’t happen to me” mindset. When it comes to the security of their physical buildings, some business owners feel

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Alarm Monitoring: What is It, How Does It Work and Why Is It Critical?

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When it comes to protecting your property—and everyone and everything inside it—there’s no substitute for a comprehensive security system that includes 24/7 alarm monitoring. This feature of a business or commercial property security system is based on immediate communication between

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Working Safely at Home: A Security Checklist

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With two and a half years of COVID behind us, an estimated 60% of workers (whose jobs can be done remotely) are still working from home “all or most of the time.” This number is up significantly from the 23%

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Home Security Trends for 2022

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Staying up to date with trends in home security can be challenging. With all the new products, start-ups, and tech-wizardry gadgets people want to get their hands on, it can be hard to sort through what has longevity and is

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Zero Trust Physical Security

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Authenticated. Authorized. Validated. That is the framework of the Zero Trust security model of physical, data-access control. Long adopted in the IT and cyber worlds, the Zero Trust model-premise is that no identity, end-point device, or other elements are allowed

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A Business Owner’s Guide to Access Control Systems

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Have questions about access control systems for your business? Then you’ve come to the right blog because Next Generation Security Concepts has the answers you need. After all, we know safety and security are your top priority. For us, they’re

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Door Contact Sensors: Which One is Right for my Business?

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Let’s get down to business: the security of your business. A high-quality security system puts business owners’ minds at ease. Choosing the right type for your protection can be puzzling, especially regarding door sensors. How do you choose the perfect

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Enhance Your Business’s Security with Glass Break Sensors

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When it comes to your business, security is everything. You’ve invested in access control systems, video surveillance, and alarm monitoring services, but chances are you’ve neglected one area: your windows. They’re an Achilles heel in security strategies, frequently overlooked when

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The Latest Trends for Upgrading your Home Security Cameras

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Video cameras remain the backbone of residential security systems, but yesterday’s technologies are no match for today’s advancements. If you’re considering upgrading your home security cameras, here are a few trends to watch out for. Monitoring and Alerting Many of

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Leave Nothing to Chance: Why Your Business Needs a Life Safety System

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When seconds matter, you need to make sure every occupant and visitor in your building is aware of a crisis and safely evacuated, that the systems you have in place are already taking active measures to mitigate the crisis, and

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