NGSC’s First Annual Golf Tournament A Success

We would like to take a moment to thank our sponsors for helping make our first charity golf tournament a success for Round Hill, VA Volunteer Fire Department! Shout-outs to 1 Volt Associates, Altronix, ArachnidWorks Ad Agency, RS2 Technologies, Vicon

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Why Do Senior Living Facilities Need Security Systems?

Senior living facilities are incredibly complex operations. In many ways, they are like small cities, with facilities for dining, sleeping, recreation, and more. Of course, the safety and comfort of the residents and their guests is always a top concern,

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How to Choose the Best Video Recording System for Your Business

Once you decide that you need to purchase a video recording system for your business, you will quickly find that there are an incredible number of options on the market. This is not necessarily an easy shopping decision, as you

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NGSC’s 2017 Charity Golf Tournament in Round Hill, VA

We would love for you to join us on September 11th for our 2017 Charity Golf Tournament benefitting the Round Hill Volunteer Fire Department! Teams of four and individual entries are available! There are two tiers of sponsorship packages that

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What to Look for When Choosing Business Security Cameras

There are few things as important to your business as security. Sure, you need a great product or service and plenty of customers if you are going to make money, but you also need to have a secure facility. In

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How to Choose the Best Home Security System for Your Needs

Having a home security system in place can offer you a peace of mind which is not available through many other methods. Knowing your system is armed and monitoring your home – whether you are away for vacation or just

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The Benefits of Using CCTV Surveillance Systems

If you are a property owner or manager, you know just how important it is to keep your property as secure as possible. One of the best ways to secure your property is through the use of CCTV surveillance systems.

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How to Hire the Best Security System Contractor

Installations of home or business security systems are a great way to protect your property all day, every day. Whether you are looking for a system for your home or your business, it is important to work with a reliable

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Does Your Company Need a Crisis Lockdown Alert Status System?

Prompt response is one of the biggest keys to the successful mitigation of an emergency situation. No matter what kind of emergency is at hand, getting out information as quickly and effectively as possible is always the goal. When those

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NGSC Security Camera Installation in Capitol Heights, MD

Here’s a quick look at a high-end Dallmeier security camera installation we recently completed in Capitol Heights, MD!

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