The Top Benefits of Video Surveillance for Your Business

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The importance of a video security system for business use is critical. Without such a system in place, you open yourself up to all manner of criminal threats which can be easily avoided.

These systems have become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason. If you’re still on the fence about making the investment, consider the benefits…

Crime Deterrence

CCTV monitors and alarm monitoring systems often deter would-be-criminals simply by letting them know they’re being watched. This can prevent various types of crimes against your business, including the following:

  • Theft—If a criminal thinks your business might have valuables or cash just laying around, they’re tempted to try helping themselves to it. If they see a camera when they reach the entrance, however, they’ll likely abandon their goal.
  • Vandalism—In the same way that video cameras stop a thief, they can also stop a vandal. It’s worth noting that vandalism includes destruction of property, which is what many burglars resort to for entry.
  • Violent crime—If your business has a few of its security cameras prominently placed, easily visible, and continually monitoring your parking lot, you can help prevent cars from getting keyed or scratched. More importantly, you can prevent violent crimes against employees or customers on the premises. Potential abductions or muggings can be halted by having multiple cameras keeping watch and standing guard for you.

Research from the Campbell Collaboration discovered that CCTV video security systems were most effective when located in public parking lots. The study found a 51% crime reduction in surveilled parking lots. This same study noted that CCTV systems on public transportation reduce crime by 23%¹.

Evidence Collection

When a crime is committed on video, there is recorded proof of it taking place. It will show exactly how the crime unfolded, and who was involved. This footage is invaluable to the authorities investigating the crime. 

When the footage shows the person involved, it can be compared with mugshots to identify anyone with a pre-existing record. If there is no criminal record, it’s still a critical piece of evidence that can be used in an investigation.

There is always the possibility that your CCTV footage could be used in court. The higher quality the footage, the better chance of a conviction. This is why it’s so important to not only get a video security system, but also make sure it’s a high-functioning, reliable one.

Employee Monitoring

Unfortunately, crime can also come from within a business. CCTV footage can identify employees who decide to help themselves to contents of the register or products. A few bucks here and there may just be petty cash, but the crime is serious.

But cameras aren’t just for catching rotten employees in the act. Some workers perform better if they know they can’t get away with slacking. Knowledge of a surveillance system could be all you need to kick them into gear!

It’s not all about employee trust, though. A CCTV system could save a life if an employee finds themselves in distress when nobody else is around. Additionally, cameras in a business can catch unauthorized personnel if they venture into a place they aren’t supposed to be.

It’s worth noting that there are certain areas where it is against federal law to place cameras, such as bathrooms, cafeterias, and other places where personal matters are likely to occur. State laws could also dictate additions to these guidelines, so it’s important to do some research when deciding where to place cameras².

Cost Savings

We’ve covered the safety benefits of CCTV use in monitoring employees and criminals, but there are monetary benefits as well. Preventing crime ultimately saves you money you would otherwise lose due to property damage or theft. Ensuring your employees are working is a money-maker, as well.

One thing that you may not have considered, however, is insurance. Many insurance companies will reduce their rates and offer other benefits to a business that utilizes a video security system. This is because they know these systems decrease the chances that the business will fall victim to crimes that could trigger insurance claims.

Unfortunately, there are people who victimize businesses by abusing the legal system. In the event a lawsuit is filed against the business, CCTV footage could be used in its defense.


Investing in a high quality video surveillance system provides safety, saves money, and protects your business from frivolous lawsuits. Neglecting to have one could be quite detrimental to your operations.

At NGSC, we pride ourselves on providing you with top-quality video security systems. We’ll ensure you can focus on your business, while we take care of its security. Get in touch today!


¹Source: Cornell University

²Source: American Bar Association

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